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Persian Browser apk

06.02.2011, Persian, by .

Arabic is widely used in the world and countries. Well, most of us won’t have any problem on reading Persian scrip when we are browsing on the internet. However, when we are using older browser such as the Explorer on our Mac computer, then we will have a problem on reading Persian while surfing on the internet. Well, if we have such a problem, then the solution is definitely changing the browser, that’s the only choice. We can use Firefox, this browser is compatible for Arabic. The other alternative is Persian browser. If we are always browsing websites in Arabic, then this browser is highly recommended.

Okay, we might not have a problem on reading Arabic because various browsers support this language, but what if we want to write in Arabic? Well, the setting is set on the computer. We can change the setting by choosing Start panel, go to control panel and double click the regional and language option. For internet surfer, using Persian browser is a mandatory thing.


Persian browser can be found in free version. The file size is so light, about 31 KB. Persian browser is a Persian or what can be called as Farsi or Arabic compatible browser. Well, this browser is for android gadget, so we can install this browser on our android tablet or cell phone, this browser cannot be used as a default browser and it works as temporary browser until Google supports Arabic or Persian language. This browser can be used for android 2.2 only.

You can download this browser on the link bellow.

Download Persian Browser apk


Persian Browser apk
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