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Puffin Web Browser for Android

08.12.2011, Puffin, by .

Puffin Web Browser for Android is the latest mobile browser for Android phones that you can use. Puffin first famous and successful to have multiple users on the iPhone. If you or iPad iPhone users may already be familiar with this browser. Well what can be done this browser on Android phones? It certainly questions that arise.
Many of the features that you can get from a Web Browser for Android Puffin. Here is the explanation which we have quoted from the android market.


  1. Render the full version of webpages extremely fast through cloud computing
  2. The performance enhancement is even more noticeable on lower-end smartphones


  1. Great support for Flash websites
  2. Play millions of Flash videos on most of the websites


  1. Multi-tab UI allows you to switch between webpages with one click
  2. Default setting for tablets: on, default setting for smartphones: off. The tab bar can be turned on in the settings menu.


  1. Bookmark
  2. URL suggestion
  3. Switch between mobile browser and desktop browser mode
  4. Popup blocker
  5. Hide status bar to increase the vertical space in the browser
  6. Option to clear browser history, cookies, or cache
  7. Support most of the international web pages and language input
  8. Cloud storage service integration. Send URL links, webpages, or images to your Dropbox account


  1. Not optimized for Flash games yet
  2. Not optimized for videos and audios yet. Video and audio playbacks might be choppy.
  3. Work best with WiFi connection in Version 1.6
  4. For geo-restricted websites, if you’re based outside the US, you may not be able to view.

Change Log on 1.6.2922:

  1. Install Puffin Browser to SD card
  2. Add zoom control button for devices without multi-touch support
  3. Bug fixes

You can get this browser on the link bellow.

Download Puffin Web Browser for Android (appbrain)

Download Puffin Web Browser for Android (market)

Puffin Web Browser for Android


Puffin Web Browser for Android
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