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Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1

08.29.2011, Beaver, by .

Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1 is a new browser for mobile phones android that ensures your privacy when doing activities on the internet. This browser provides more privacy than other browsers. Even when started running this browser you will be prompted to enter a password. The goal is that others can not access the browser.

There are still many other features offered by Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1. And good is the free version and can be downloaded now without charge. We have done tests and quite satisfied with the performance of this browser.

Here is an explanation of the features of the Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1.

  1. Tabbed Browsing
    Fast, full featured tabbed browser with plugin (Flash) support, popup blocker, and user agent switching
  2. Privacy Protection
    Automatically clears all browsing history when you close the app
  3. Image & Bookmark Vault
    Download images from the web and save bookmarks into a hidden, password protected stash
  4. Complete Stealth
    Beaver looks and functions like any other innocent browser, until you enter your password into the address bar, which reveals your image and bookmark stash
  5. Stash Protection
    The contents of your stash is hidden from other apps (such as gallery or camera) and not viewable when connected to a computer
  6. Image Gallery & Viewer
    The image stash contains a gallery of all your private images, as well as a complete picture viewer with full zooming and slideshow support
  7. Folders
    Organize your image stash into folders
  8. Import & Export Images
    Import or export pictures between your SD card and image stash
  9. Professionally Designed
    Polished, simple design makes the most of your screen size
  10. Tablet support

You can download this application on the link bellow.

Download Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1

Beaver Lite - Hide Pictures 2.1

Beaver Lite – Hide Pictures 2.1
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