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Opera Mini 4.4 for Java

10.28.2011, Opera Mini, by .

Opera Mini 4.4 for Java has been released a few days ago. This is the latest browser that we can use for java phones. With a variety of features, this browser is the most have a user. Until now, mobile users are still loyal to the java version 4 upwards because it is still relatively lightweight and easy to use. If your java mobile phone users and have not used this browser, it is now time to try.


Opera Mini 4.4 Today opera team have a new update of Opera Mini 4 for you The main focus of this release has been to bring the network features in Opera Mini 4 up to the same level as in Opera Mini 6.5. This opens up new possibilities for your network operator to integrate services like free Opera Mini browsing to certain sites, and hopefully it makes it easier for you to connect. There are no major user visible features in this release, but we have chosen to call it 4.4 since there are significant changes to the network code. Apart from that we have fixed skin issues for some Samsung devices.
Opera Mini 4.4 is mainly for low-end devices that are not capable of running Opera Mini 6.5. The download system will suggest the best version for your device. Just visit on your phone and you will get the version best suited for your device. Or you can visit on your PC


Opera Mini 4.4 for Java (directlink)

Opera Mini 4.4 for Java (dspeedyshare)

Opera Mini 4.4 for Java

Opera Mini 4.4 for Java
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