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UC Browser for Java

11.11.2011, UC Browser, by .

UC Browser for Java has been released a few days ago. This is the latest version uc browser for java phones. Previously the browser is made ​​in Chinese. But lucky for us because many users are concerned, and finally this browser has been translated into English. If your java mobile phone users, quickly download and use this browser. We’re pretty sure this browser is one of the best.


  1. Further enhance the performance and decrease its memory, seizure of the RMS program run smoothly;
  2. Read mode full upgrades, added support for seamless browsing WWW pages, page do not need to read to the end, save time and effort;
  3. Touch-screen page faster, touchscreen phones you can quickly click on the blank page,effectively improve the efficiency of browsing
  4. The translation is similar to the official version.


UC Browser for Java jar (replace official)

UC Browser for Java jar

UC Browser for Java


UC Browser for Java
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