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Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handler

01.04.2012, Opera Mini, by .

Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handler has been released. Browser with many advantages can be obtained free of charge now. Maximum award is given to the appropriate handler who has made an application to function mini opera became even better.

Features Added;

A1: Dec. 24, 2011

  • “Goto” Shortcut. For quick access Start Page, History and Saved Page.
  • Multi-Windows. Create, Manage Windows, to access Multiple websites.
  • View Texts on Screen & Page. For copying texts contents.
  • Create Search. (Need Fix, not use advised.)
  • Minimize. Usefull for s40 phones, to minimize app. (Need Fix, Not work after HUI Menu accessed.)
  • Direct Download. Directly download unhandled files in opera, likely .Jad and .Jar file extentions.
  • Page Cache increased.
  • Page History increased.

A2: Dec. 31,2011

  • Templates
  • Clipboards
  • Upload .jar1 as .jar
  • Download .jar to ._jar
  • Rename ._jar to .jar
  • Reverse Proxy (IP Hide)
  • Night Mode
  • When downloading unhandled files using Built-in Browser, Opera will not Close. (SE & S60)
  • The bug in Link Press ”1” Open new Window and Open in bkgrd Window is Fixed.

Note 1: Custom Server Removed due to Opera TM Restrictions, so use Filter to change Server.

Note 2: For best performance, set Permission to ”Always Ask” esp. when downloading.


Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handler jar

Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handler zip

Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handler
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